Page of pentacles

Original Course ~ Card meanings and combinations.

This is the very first course I created. It is still the course I am most satisfied with.

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Page of Pentacles tarot card combinations

The traditional meaning of Page of pentacles tarot card is student. Page of pentacles also denotes reinventing yourself.

Learn more about Page of pentacles tarot card meanings here. 

Page of Pentacles in the grand tableau

Page of pentacles in Ace of pentacles: Financial studies, money to study. Investing in education.

Page of pentacles in Two of pentacles: Having fun studying.

Page of pentacles in Three of pentacles: Study group.

Page of pentacles in Four of pentacles: Studying to get status. Working towards status.

Page of pentacles in Five of pentacles: Poor student.

Page of pentacles in Six of pentacles: A scholarship. A sponsorship.

Page of pentacles in Seven of pentacles: Long-term study.

Page of pentacles in Eight of pentacles: Hands-on study. Practical abilities.

Page of pentacles in Nine of pentacles: A Master degree or Ph. D. Post-graduate. Success in exams/tests.

Page of pentacles in Ten of pentacles: Studying the family business. Follow in the family tradition.

Page of pentacles in Page of pentacles: Double degree. Much studying.

Page of pentacles in Knight of pentacles: Learning on the job.

Page of pentacles in Queen of pentacles: Studying from home.

Page of pentacles in King of pentacles: Studying business.

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