Eight of pentacles

eight of pentacles tarot card meanings

Eight of Pentacles tarot card

The traditional meaning of eight of pentacles tarot card is an apprentice. Eight of pentacles can denote learning a new skill and execute craftsmanship.

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Eight of Pentacles in the grand tableau

Eight of pentacles in Ace of pentacles: A new apprentice. A new skill.

Eight of pentacles in Two of pentacles: Work satisfaction.

Eight of pentacles in Three of pentacles: A skilful team.

Eight of pentacles in Four of pentacles: A valuable skill.

Eight of pentacles in Five of pentacles: Lack of concentration.

Eight of pentacles in Six of pentacles: Donating your time and efforts.

Eight of pentacles in Seven of pentacles: A useful skill.

Eight of pentacles in Eight of pentacles: Learning a new skill.

Eight of pentacles in Nine of pentacles: A luxurious skill. A confident apprentice.

Eight of pentacles in Ten of pentacles: Valuable apprentice. A family business.

Eight of pentacles in Page of pentacles: Post-graduate. An intern.

Eight of pentacles in Knight of pentacles: The ground work.

Eight of pentacles in Queen of pentacles: An artist.

Eight of pentacles in King of pentacles: A successful apprentice. Success in learning a new skill.


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