Eight of Wands

Eight of Wands tarot card

The traditional meaning of Eight of wands tarot card is Progress. Eight of wands denotes swift action and travel. When Eight of wands shows up in a reading the Seeker is having a lot of fun and is often losing themselves in the moment. Eight of wands can also signify WiFi, music, and electricity. Eight of wands can also mean learning something of interest or receiving interesting news.

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Eight of wands in the grand tableau

Eight of wands in Ace of wands: A new visit. Going somewhere new.

Eight of wands in Two of wands: Quick progress in plans.

Eight of wands in Three of wands: Book research. Business research.

Eight of wands in Four of wands: Interest group.

Eight of wands in Five of wands: Thrill seekers.

Eight of wands in Six of wands: Swift success. Overnight success.

Eight of wands in Seven of wands: Progress in politics, leadership, management.

Eight of wands in Eight of wands: Lots of energy. Never a dull moment.

Eight of wands in Nine of wands: Moving on.

Eight of wands in Ten of wands: Multiple projects. Loosing oneself in work. Escaping in work.

Eight of wands in Page of wands: An energetic person.

Eight of wands in Knight of wands: Moving. A traveler.

Eight of wands in Queen of wands: Multitasking. Musician.

Eight of wands in King of wands: A franchise. A thrill-seeker.

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