Seven of Wands

Seven of Wands tarot card

The traditional meaning of Seven of wands tarot card is Defense. Seven of wands denotes standing up for what you believe in, teaching, public speaking and management. Seven of wands shows up in a reading when the Seeker is determined to get ahead or to defend what they have created.

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Seven of wands in the grand tableau

Seven of wands in Ace of wands: Teaching a new modality.

Seven of wands in Two of wands: Opposition.

Seven of wands in Three of wands: A flow of customers. Customer service.

Seven of wands in Four of wands: Defending a community.

Seven of wands in Five of wands: Teaching competitiveness.

Seven of wands in Six of wands: Success in teaching. Successful speaker. Motivational speaker.

Seven of wands in Seven of wands: Too much politics.

Seven of wands in Eight of wands: Lecturing online.

Seven of wands in Nine of wands: Self-defense.

Seven of wands in Ten of wands: A promotion.

Seven of wands in Page of wands: A defensive person.

Seven of wands in Knight of wands: A defensive player.

Seven of wands in Queen of wands: A politician.

Seven of wands in King of wands: A manager.

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