King of wands

King of Wands tarot card combinations

The traditional meaning of King of wands tarot card is leadership. King of wands can signify a very strong-minded and successful person. King of wands can also denote a husband, but often someone else’s husband.

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King of wands in the grand tableau

King of wands in Ace of wands: A new leader. New leadership.

King of wands in Two of wands: A strong-minded leader.

King of wands in Three of wands: A leader in trade. An opportunistic leader. An opportunity to be a leader.

King of wands in Four of wands: The leader of a community.

King of wands in Five of wands: A dramatic leader.

King of wands in Six of wands: A recognised leader.

King of wands in Seven of wands: A defensive leader. A political leader. An educational leader.

King of wands in Eight of wands: An excited leader. Falling in love with your boss. Romance.

King of wands in Nine of wands: A strong leader.

King of wands in Ten of wands: A hard-working leader.

King of wands in Page of wands: An enthusiastic leader.

King of wands in Knight of wands: A fast-paced leader. A competitive leader.

King of wands in Queen of wands: An entrepreneurial leader. Husband and wife.

King of wands in King of wands: Success.

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