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Queen of Wands tarot card

The traditional meaning of Queen of wands tarot card is entrepreneurship. Queen of wands can signify a motivational period in the seeker’s life where the seeker can accomplish great things.

Learn more about Queen of wands tarot card meanings here. 

Queen of wands in the grand tableau

Queen of wands in Ace of wands: An entrepreneurial idea.

Queen of wands in Two of wands: A strong-minded entrepreneur.

Queen of wands in Three of wands: A business plan. A journalist.

Queen of wands in Four of wands: A business network. Word of mouth.

Queen of wands in Five of wands: Taking a stand in business and entrepreneurship.

Queen of wands in Six of wands: Successful entrepreneur.

Queen of wands in Seven of wands: Teaching business, coping with demands.

Queen of wands in Eight of wands: An Air hostess. A holiday romance.

Queen of wands in Nine of wands: Burning the candle at both ends.

Queen of wands in Ten of wands: Hard working entrepreneur.

Queen of wands in Page of wands: Enthusiastic entrepreneur. New passion.

Queen of wands in Knight of wands: Fast paced entrepreneur. Travelling business.

Queen of wands in Queen of wands: Business rivalry.

Queen of wands in King of wands: Entrepreneur leadership.