Six of swords

Six of Swords tarot card

The traditional meaning of Six of swords tarot card is Move. Six of swords can denote moving to a new location, travelling or moving away from problems. This card signifies a better future for the Seeker.

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Six of Swords in the grand tableau

Six of swords in Ace of swords: Making up you mind about moving. A new location.

Six of swords in Two of swords: A logical move. Staying calm during a change of residence.

Six of swords in Three of swords: Moving out. Separation.

Six of swords in Four of swords: Moving to a peaceful location. A peaceful place.

Six of swords in Five of swords: A dangerous move. Moving towards conflicts.

Six of swords in Six of swords: Much travel. Many moves. Determination.

Six of swords in Seven of swords: Wanting more independence. More freedom and less responsibility.

Six of swords in Eight of swords: Confused about a move. Feeling out of place.

Six of swords in Nine of swords: A stressful move.

Six of swords in Ten of swords: A final move. End of moving.

Six of swords in Page of swords: A problem-solver. A computer wizard.

Six of swords in Knight of swords: A traveller. Lots of travel. Adventure.

Six of swords in Queen of swords: Intellectual property.

Six of swords in King of swords: Successful strategies and systems.

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