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Four of Swords tarot card

The traditional meaning of Four of swords tarot card is peace. Four of swords can denote being in a long-term relationship. Four of swords speaks of burying the hatchet and being at peace with yourself and the people/situations in your life.

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Four of Swords in the grand tableau

Four of swords in Ace of swords: Peaceful mind. Peaceful opinions. Meditations.

Four of swords in Two of swords: Time to gather your thoughts. Time to do what you love.

Four of swords in Three of swords: Coming to terms with sadness. Healing.

Four of swords in Four of swords: Peace and tranquillity.

Four of swords in Five of swords: Passive aggressive.

Four of swords in Six of swords: Moving to a peaceful place.

Four of swords in Seven of swords: Keeping to oneself. Keeping a secret for the purpose of peace. Shielding someone.

Four of swords in Eight of swords: Slowing down.

Four of swords in Nine of swords: Insomnia. Sleep problems. Nightmares.

Four of swords in Ten of swords: Feeling ill. Hospital.

Four of swords in Page of swords: Talent in natural therapy.

Four of swords in Knight of swords: Peaceful warrior.

Four of swords in Queen of swords: A professor.

Four of swords in King of swords: A surgeon. A doctor.