Three of swords

Three of Swords tarot card

The traditional meaning of Three of swords tarot card is sorrow. Three of swords can denote a need to be honest with oneself about issues causing emotional pain. Three of swords signifies a breakdown in communication between people who love each other.

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Three of Swords in the grand tableau

Three of swords in Ace of swords: Toxic tongue. Breaking someone’s heart.

Three of swords in Two of swords: The silent treatment.

Three of swords in Three of swords: Breakups and breakdowns. Separation.

Three of swords in Four of swords: Working out your differences in a relationship. Working on your relationship.

Three of swords in Five of swords: Defeat in a relationship. Violence, either physical or emotional, perhaps both.

Three of swords in Six of swords: Moving on.

Three of swords in Seven of swords: Dishonesty.

Three of swords in Eight of swords: Living in the past.

Three of swords in Nine of swords: Grieving. Heartache.

Three of swords in Ten of swords: End of relationship.

Three of swords in Page of swords: Someone not ready to commit in a relationship.

Three of swords in Knight of swords: Dangerous date.

Three of swords in Queen of swords: Bitterness.

Three of swords in King of swords: Hurtful personality.

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