Three of swords

three of swords tarot card meanings

Three of Swords tarot card

The traditional meaning of Three of swords tarot card is sorrow. Three of swords can denote a need to be honest with oneself about issues causing emotional pain. Three of swords signifies a breakdown in communication between people who love each other.

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Three of Swords in the grand tableau

Three of swords in Ace of swords: Toxic tongue. Breaking someone’s heart.

Three of swords in Two of swords: The silent treatment.

Three of swords in Three of swords: Breakups and breakdowns. Separation.

Three of swords in Four of swords: Working out your differences in a relationship. Working on your relationship.

Three of swords in Five of swords: Defeat in a relationship. Violence, either physical or emotional, perhaps both.

Three of swords in Six of swords: Moving on.

Three of swords in Seven of swords: Dishonesty.

Three of swords in Eight of swords: Living in the past.

Three of swords in Nine of swords: Grieving. Heartache.

Three of swords in Ten of swords: End of relationship.

Three of swords in Page of swords: Someone not ready to commit in a relationship.

Three of swords in Knight of swords: Dangerous date.

Three of swords in Queen of swords: Bitterness.

Three of swords in King of swords: Hurtful personality.


  1. Hi Helen. Choose either the major arcana cards or one of the suits. Lay out every card in the group you chose. Cups are used to look into relationship, pentacles to look into finances etc. Each card pair up with the card in the card position, for example ten of pentacles in ace of pentacles position can mean a new inheritance. I would recommend you practise with the Major Arcana cards. Position 1 is the Fool. The card that fall here will speak of the new beginnings in your life. Position 2 is Magician. The card that fall here will speak of your talents. Lay out all the 22 cards and examine step by step. This trains the brain in reading card combinations.
    Let me know how you go:)


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