Eight of cups tarot

eight of cups tarot card meanings
Seeking purpose

Eight of Cups tarot card

The traditional meaning of Eight of cups tarot card is seeking purpose. Eight of cups denotes following a dream and creating a purpose in life.

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Eight of Cups in the grand tableau

Eight of cups in Ace of cups: A new purpose.

Eight of cups in Two of cups: Seeking spiritual love.

Eight of cups in Three of cups: A new community.

Eight of cups in Four of cups: Emotional distance.

Eight of cups in Five of cups: Pleasing others. Emotional dissatisfaction.

Eight of cups in Six of cups: Good will. Returning a favour.

Eight of cups in Seven of cups: Escapism.

Eight of cups in Eight of cups: Seeking a new path.

Eight of cups in Nine of cups: Landing on your feet. Taking a risk that pays off.

Eight of cups in Ten of cups: Aligning with your true nature.

Eight of cups in Page of cups: Learning a new art form.

Eight of cups in Knight of cups: Speaking a foreign language.

Eight of cups in Queen of cups: Emotional marketing.

Eight of cups in King of cups: Multi media. A life-changing message.


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