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Seven of Cups tarot card

The traditional meaning of Seven of cups tarot card is daydreaming. Seven of cups can denote having difficulty making decisions.

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Seven of Cups in the grand tableau

Seven of cups in Ace of cups: Wishful thinking.

Seven of cups in Two of cups: Spiritual love.

Seven of cups in Three of cups: Online friends.

Seven of cups in Four of cups: Doing too little to change.

Seven of cups in Five of cups: Disillusions.

Seven of cups in Six of cups: Confusion, memory loss.

Seven of cups in Seven of cups: Poor time management.

Six of cups in Eight of cups: Pursuing a childhood dream.

Seven of cups in Nine of cups: Advertisement. A website. Sharing your imagination with the world.

Seven of cups in Ten of cups: Being a perfectionist.

Seven of cups in Page of cups: A daydreamer.

Seven of cups in Knight of cups: A bachelor.

Seven of cups in Queen of cups: A fantasy.

Seven of cups in King of cups: A composer.