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A simple way to read with the Runes on a Rune table

The first thing you must do is to make your own rune table. A rune table is easy to make. I used contact paper on some plywood and then I cut out pictures in magazines that symbolised what I wanted on my rune table. You can use glue or tape to attach your pictures. The miniature deck used in the video is specifically made to be used on rune tables. The main meaning of each runes are printed on the cards.

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How to Interpret the Runes

There is a vast amount of information about Runes and their spiritual meanings. It is also
important to understand that the meanings are not necessarily set in stone. The best way is to
let your intuition guide you. Below, you can learn the skills of Rune divination. It is an art
form that has to come from within. The whole purpose of Runes is to connect you deeper to your

Many people have begun this path and perhaps have put too much pressure on themselves.
The Runes are not meant to increase your stress, rather they are there to guide you to a
peaceful destination. Even if some Runes are more challenging, it is there to help you grow.
With this in mind, you can continue your journey using Runes and let the old alphabet guide you.

Elder Futhark Rune Meanings.

FEHU: Wealth. Fehu is an ancient symbol of cattle and cattle used to be a symbol of wealth,
fortune, trade, and influence. Reversed, Fehu can mean disappointment and financial stress.

URUZ: Strength. Uruz is an ancient symbol of the Ox which is a symbol of strength and
perseverance. Uruz is like an opening in your life to charge ahead. Reversed, Uruz can mean
weakness and apathy.

THURISAZ: Boundaries. Thurisaz has its origins in frost giants and since became a symbol for a
thorn. Thus, this rune symbolises protection against harmful forces. Reversed, this rune can
mean the inability to defend oneself against danger and attacks.

ANSUZ: Speech. Ansuz is the rune for communication of all kinds. It can also denote wisdom
and finding solutions. Reversed, it means misunderstandings and lack of information, even

RAIDHO: Journey. This rune means cart-wheel and it denotes journeys of all kind, including
astral travel. This rune also means correct action and moving forward in honourable ways.
Reversed, it can mean travel delays, stumbling blocks on your path, and bad timing.

KENAZ: Torch. Kenaz is a symbol of a torch which means the intellect and also have a burning
desire to learn. Kenaz can denote the flame within and our undying spirit. Reversed, Kenaz can
mean ignorance, destruction, and darkness.

GEBO: Gift. Gebo is an ancient symbol of gifts. The two sticks are equal in size, thus giving and
receiving are in equal measure. Gebo is also the rune for being very gifted. This rune has no
reversed aspects.

WUNJO: To Woo. Wunjo is an ancient symbol of wooing. This is the rune for friendships, love,
and happiness. Reversed, Wunjo can mean alienation, loss of friends, unhappiness, and

HAGALAZ: Hail. Hagalaz is a symbol of hail and finding oneself in hardship. This rune often
denotes what can be a short-term disaster, can be a long-term gain once you harness the
power of restraint. This rune has no reversed aspects.

NAUTHIZ: Need. This rune is a symbol of your needs and necessities. It denotes needs in the
sense of practical solutions. This rune has no reversed meanings.

ISA: Ice. This rune symbolising ice and the ego. It will challenge you to see past your ego and
connect to your spiritual essence. Things might seem to have slowed down, but it has a
purpose. It will give you time to create a masterpiece. This rune has no reversed meanings.

JERA: Year. This rune symbolises the year and all the cycles within it. It can denote you will be
reaping the rewards of your past efforts. This rune often shows up when we are busy living life
and multitasking all of our projects and responsibilities. This rune has no reversed aspects.

EIHWAZ: Yew. This rune symbolises the world tree Yggdrasil and it speaks of growing and
expanding, often through long journeys. It is the rune for the individual and individuality.
Through the initiation of Eihwaz, you could go through a lot of changes. Reversed, this rune
means fear, often a fear of living, and struggling to find meaning.

PERTHRO: Chance. Perthro is the rune for the unknowable, divination, and gambling. Perthro
symbolises a divination and gambling cup. Reversed, it can mean loneliness, addictions, and

ALGIZ: Elk. Algiz is a symbol for elk and denotes teamwork and your relationship with others. It
can also symbolise a bird foot, thus taking flight and being connected to the divine are denoted
in this rune. Reversed this rune can mean lack of concentration, turning away from
someone/something, and lack of flexibility.

SOWILO: Sun. Sowilo is symbol for the sun and it speaks of success, honour, purpose, and
vitality. It speaks of positive outcomes in your question. This rune has no reversed aspects.

TEIWAZ: Tyr. Teiwaz is a symbol for the Norse god Tyr, who sacrificed his hand to save the world,
thus sacrifice, courage, and protection is meanings given to this rune. Reversed, Teiwaz can
mean war, loss, conflict, cowardice, criminality, and over-sacrificing.

BERKANO: Birch tree. Berkano is a symbol of the birch tree which means youthfulness,
regeneration, staying grounded, and motherhood. Reversed, Berkano can mean family
problems, stagnation, and disagreements.

EHWAZ: Horse. Ehwaz is a symbol for the horse, thus it becomes a rune for travel and
partnerships. This rune can also mean movement, trust, and marriage. Reversed, this rune can
mean restlessness and frustration.

MANNAZ: Man. Mannaz is a symbol for humans and our hierarchy. It speaks social order and
organisation, as well as rational thinking, and human traditions. Reversed, this rune can mean
a lack of support and delusions.

LAGUZ: Water. Laguz is a symbol for water, thus it means the subconscious, dreams, flow, and
creativity. Reversed, Laguz can mean poison and a toxic environment. It can also denote
obsessive behaviour.

INGUZ: Seed. Inguz is a symbol for seed. This rune denotes potential and personal growth. It is
also the rune for fertility, common sense, and getting enough rest. This rune has no reversed

DAGAZ: Day. Dagaz is a symbol for a new day and breakthroughs, as well as hyperalertness
and inspiration. Dagaz can denote bold change and transformation. This rune has no reversed

OTHALA: Homeland. Othala is a symbol for your homeland and where you feel secure. It is also
a rune for your spiritual essence. It can sometimes denote ancestral inheritance. Reversed, this
rune can mean lack of moral, feeling you don’t belong, and codependency in relationships.