Knight of cups

Knight of Cups tarot card combinations

The traditional meaning of Knight of cups tarot card is Entertainment. Knight of cups denotes changes in emotional connections and in business relations.

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Knight of Cups in the grand tableau

Knight of cups in Ace of cups: A new romantic interest.

Knight of cups in Two of cups: A soul mate.

Knight of cups in Three of cups: A romantic date.

Knight of cups in Four of cups: Cynicism.

Knight of cups in Five of cups: Hurting in a personal relationship.

Knight of cups in Six of cups: A friend from the past re-entering your life.

Knight of cups in Seven of cups: Improvising. Imagination.

Knight of cups in Eight of cups: Project management.

Knight of cups in Nine of cups: Successful problem solving.

Knight of cups in Ten of cups: A spiritual change.

Knight of cups in Page of cups: Communication.

Knight of cups in Knight of cups: An entertainer. A stage.

Knight of cups in Queen of cups: Romance.

Knight of cups in King of cups: Success in business.

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