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Queen of Cups tarot card

The traditional meaning of Queen of cups tarot card is Psychic abilities. Queen of cups denotes a beautiful person with a heart of gold.

Learn more about Queen of cups tarot card meanings here. 

Queen of Cups in the grand tableau

Queen of cups in Ace of cups: New abilities.

Queen of cups in Two of cups: A beautiful relationship.

Queen of cups in Three of cups: Intuitive friends.

Queen of cups in Four of cups: Fear of rejection.

Queen of cups in Five of cups: Feeling rejected.

Queen of cups in Six of cups: Beautiful children.

Queen of cups in Seven of cups: Creating a masterpiece.

Queen of cups in Eight of cups: Self-development.

Queen of cups in Nine of cups: A valuable connection.

Queen of cups in Ten of cups: A beautiful family. Soul family.

Queen of cups in Page of cups: A sensitive psychic.

Queen of cups in Knight of cups: A beautiful performer. Intuitive in business.

Queen of cups in Queen of cups: Psychic abilities.

Queen of cups in King of cups: Intuitive leadership.