King of pentacles

King of pentacles

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King of Pentacles tarot card

The traditional meaning of King of pentacles tarot card is Abundance. King of pentacles denotes having mastered the physical world and signifies great wealth.

Learn more about King of pentacles tarot card meanings here. 

King of Pentacles in the grand tableau

King of pentacles in Ace of pentacles: New abundance. Endless abundance.

King of pentacles in Two of pentacles: Branching out in business.

King of pentacles in Three of pentacles: Managing a team.

King of pentacles in Four of pentacles: Stubbornness with money.

King of pentacles in Five of pentacles: Mastering money the hard way.

King of pentacles in Six of pentacles: A wealthy benefactor.

King of pentacles in Seven of pentacles: A vision creates abundance. Wealthy farmer.

King of pentacles in Eight of pentacles: Discipline creates wealth. Knowing the ins and outs of your business.

King of pentacles in Nine of pentacles: Living your dream financially.

King of pentacles in Ten of pentacles: Retiring well. Managing family money.

King of pentacles in Page of pentacles: New inventions creates abundance.

King of pentacles in Knight of pentacles: A successful formula. An abundant career.

King of pentacles in Queen of pentacles: Real-estate.

King of pentacles in King of pentacles: Much abundance.

3 thoughts on “King of pentacles”

  1. Dear Inger,
    I have opened cards last night for my love interest that i had some history with, and got the following:

    1. past – Knight of wands
    2. present – Eight of cups
    3. future – Ace of pentacles+ King of Pentacles + Queen of Cups.

    I was very interested about that Ace as i wasn’t sure if new beginning is with him or someone else. So i opened another card to give me more clarity and it was King of Pentacles. it confused me even more, so i decided that the third card would be more clear: Queen of Cups..
    My conclusions: new beginning with someone stable and serious, long term, true love. I will know it as my intuition will tell me (Queen of cups). My intuition tells me it is him, but reality – shows the opposite. i would love your opinion on this: is that someone completely new or something new will happen with him?

    Many thanks

  2. Ace of pentacles means your confusion will soon be over and you will have clarity. There is someone very stable and secure coming into your life. This can be your love interest if he has these traits.

  3. Dear Inger, many thnaks! I dont think he has those traits, so I have got an answer to my question.

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