Queen of pentacles

Queen of Pentacles tarot card combinations

The traditional meaning of Queen of pentacles tarot card is having a practical approach. Queen of pentacles can also denote work/home balance and the love of your family. Queen of pentacles often signifies where the heart is invested.

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Queen of Pentacles in the grand tableau

Queen of pentacles in Ace of pentacles: A new project to nurture.

Queen of pentacles in Two of pentacles: Having more than one home. Believing your work is your home.

Queen of pentacles in Three of pentacles: Being the heart of a team.

Queen of pentacles in Four of pentacles: Comfort in the home and at work. Practical abilities creates abundance.

Queen of pentacles in Five of pentacles: Poor taste. Lack of care.

Queen of pentacles in Six of pentacles: A care-giver. A nurturer.

Queen of pentacles in Seven of pentacles: Out-door projects. Farming.

Queen of pentacles in Eight of pentacles: Beautiful food, crafts, home-maker.

Queen of pentacles in Nine of pentacles: A holiday home.

Queen of pentacles in Ten of pentacles: Connection with original family.

Queen of pentacles in Page of pentacles: The beauty industry.

Queen of pentacles in Knight of pentacles: Putting your heart and soul into your career.

Queen of pentacles in Queen of pentacles: A practical choice. Common sense.

Queen of pentacles in King of pentacles: A caring and loving boss.

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