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Eihwaz elder futhark rune meaningEihwaz ~ a Meditation

I meditated on Eihwaz. This rune is fascinating to me. For a long time, I did not get this rune. When it turned up in my readings, I thought it brought more questions than answers. One day, picked a rune without looking at it. I completed an intuitive exercise similar to ‘meet a tarot card’ for my students of the Bundle. I began talking to this rune and it spoke to me loud and clear. I got a strong sense that this rune is perhaps the strongest of all, but not in outbursts of energy. No, more like resilience that builds over time. It is a symbol for believing that the most desirable outcome will prevail, even against the odds. Due to this, it is important to be a non-conformist when Eihwaz is your rune. It is the rune for people born between 28th of December to the 13th of January, starting and ending at 12.30 pm. It is the inner rune for people born between 00:30-01:30 am. Perhaps more than anyone else, you need to follow your own inner star and guidance. Do not follow the crowd, unless it is aligned with your purpose, and even then, you are meant to do things YOUR WAY. You are meant to put your own twist on things and create your own magical world. It will not happen overnight, you will create it slowly over time. Many will give more than they receive, and their rewards are often out of sight.

The most important thing to understand about Eihwaz is that even though it might seem everyone at times are against you, you will have success. This is the rune for the individualist. Eihwaz promises you that if you keep going then bigger and better things will occur. Many will be connected to places you could not even dream of. The older you get, the stronger you become. Learn more about Eihwaz here. 

The Eihwaz spread ~ Inner strength spread

You can use your tarot cards or your runes.

1st position: How strong am I mentally (relates to concentration and communication).

2nd position: How strong am I psychologically (relates to ability to get up in the morning when the going gets tough).

3rd position: How strong am I emotionally (relates to how well one bounce back from rejection and criticism).

4th position: How strong am I overall?

5th position: What will be my physical rewards?

6th position: What will be my emotional rewards?

7th position: What will be my spiritual rewards?