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My Page of Cups Makeover

My Page of Cups Makeover I felt like doing a Page of Cups Makeover. Page of cups people are very artistic and dreamy. They tend to have musical talents and make great [...]

Tarot Combinations week 21 to 24

Tarot Combinations from tarot tutorials week 21 to 24 Get the Playlist here. Strength with 8 of swords crossing and Tower in advice position: This card combination can mean the Seeker is very caring [...]

My Queen of Wands Make Over

How I turned myself into Queen of Wands Queen of wands is proud and she loves attention. I had to go all out on this one make up wise. The dress is [...]

Tarot Combinations Daily Readings

Learn tarot combinations from my daily tarot readings. Subscribe to my youtube channel to keep learning. 5 out of 7 days a week, I do daily tarot readings. You, the Seeker, pick a card combination [...]

Tarot Combinations from daily tarot readings

Tarot Combinations from tarot tutorials week 17/18 8 of cups with 4 of wands crossing. This card combination speaks of not feeling grounded while on a spiritual path. You might feel a lack of control, [...]

Grounding Meditation for Life Purpose

Grounding Meditation for Life Purpose, Healing, and Direction This meditation is a grounding meditation that is perfect to do before a tarot reading. If you are feeling lost, and you want direction, [...]

Lovers Tarot Card Soulmate Meditation

Lovers Tarot Card Soulmate Spoken Meditation This is a Soulmate Meditation that will give you information about who is your Soulmate. If you are confused about who your Soulmate is, or if you want [...]

How to read with Reversed tarot cards

Reversed Tarot Card ~ How to have a breakthrough Reversed cards can be viewed in a few different ways. It can be the opposite of the upright card OR my favorite: A Lesson [...]

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