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Archetypal Tarot Court cards and the people who harbour their energies.

Archetypes Tarot court cards are models of people and their behaviour. According to Myer-Biggs personality indicator, there are 16 personality types. Interestingly there are 16 tarot court cards. Each court card is an archetypal identification of the 16 personality types. Most people inhabit an interesting blend of different elements of the court cards, but we all lean more towards one specific court card. Which one are you? You might identify yourself stronger with one specific court card above the others.

page of swords tarot card meanings

Natural Ability

knight of swords tarot card meanings


queen of swords tarot card meanings


king of swords tarot card meanings


page of pentacles tarot card meanings


knight of pentacles tarot card meanings

Career change

queen of pentacles tarot card meanings


king of pentacles tarot card meanings


page of cups tarot card meanings


knight of cups tarot card meanings


queen of cups tarot card meanings

Psychic ability

king of cups tarot card meanings


page of wands tarot card meanings tarot card meaning


knight of wands tarot card meanings


queen of wands tarot card meaning


king of wands tarot card meanings


Which one of the tarot court cards describes you the best?

Still wondering what tarot court card you are? To find out ask the tarot cards.

Shuffle and cut the 78 tarot cards. Turn the cards over one by one. The first court card that turns over is you.

To be more specific ask the tarot to show you how your personality is displayed in the different roles you have in society; as an employee, businessman/woman, wife/husband, mother/father etc. You might find that you are a king at something and a page at other things. You might be very practical in some areas in your life and full of spontaneity in other areas.

Court cards are the People cards

I read tarot court cards as the people in your life. If however the tarot court cards end up in the final and/or advice position I tend to read the tarot court cards as both the Seeker and a situation together. The court cards are other people if the question is for example: Who is my soulmate, or who will be next boss, or who is the person behind this situation that I am in etc.

When are Court cards situations?

Tarot court cards tend to be both people and situations at the same time. The tarot describes the people who are creating the situations. For example, let’s say the situation is drama. The people are creating the drama. Page of wands can indicate drama due to gossip and wild behaviour. Queen of cups is someone deeply caring and intuitive, and the situations are reflective of those qualities.

The more tarot court cards showing up in your tarot readings the more other people are influencing your decisions. Whether this is a good or bad thing the other cards will tell you.