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Two of Pentacles tarot card

The traditional meaning of Two of pentacles tarot card is bartering. Ace of pentacles can also denote that the seeker is turning a hobby into a career.

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Two of Pentacles in the grand tableau

Two of pentacles in Ace of pentacles: New bartering. Juggling with money.

Two of pentacles in Two of pentacles: Several part-time jobs.

Two of pentacles in Three of pentacles: Multiple projects. A fun team.

Two of pentacles in Four of pentacles: Investing in business.

Two of pentacles in Five of pentacles: Lack of responsibility.

Two of pentacles in Six of pentacles: Entertainment industry.

Two of pentacles in Seven of pentacles: Part time student. Part time work.

Two of pentacles in Eight of pentacles: Hands on work.

Two of pentacles in Nine of pentacles: Playing with money.

Two of pentacles in Ten of pentacles: Managing great wealth.

Two of pentacles in Page of pentacles: Part time student. Learning a new skill.

Two of pentacles in Knight of pentacles: A fun job.

Two of pentacles in Queen of pentacles: Work/home balance.

Two of pentacles in King of pentacles: A fun project. Middle-management.